Dublin Marathin 2013 – Training Session 1

So today, is the day I am to run my first training session. According to the Advanced Marathoning book I should be doing 8 miles, 6 of which should be run at half marathon pace. However, as I’m still a little sore from Sundays Freckleton Half Marathon (The kind of sore, were at times it feels like your muscles are not attached to your bones!!), I have decided to just run the 8 at a comfortable pace.

Ok in some ways not a good start, but having had injuries in the past, that have put me out of action for months at a time. I am not taking any chances and I think, I should already have a good solid base.

My plan, inspired by my brother in-law, is to run home from work and i have just spent the last few minutes mapping out my route :


I just need to makes sure I write this down before I set off, too many new routes have been ruined by wrong turns and I’m a stickler for organised routes, possibly because im of Germanic decent (I had an Austrian grandmother)

Although I don’t set off for a few hours, I’m really looking forward to beginning my Dublin Marathon training

On a side note, I don’t like the design of my blog………I must try and sort that out.


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