Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 1 over – 8 Miles in


Well running with a bag is not for me , although admittedly I was running with bag intended for walking not running and I had over loaded it. I just found it a pain, trying to get it to sit right and I found it rubbed quite a bit too.

Also I had to make two stops, the first because the noise of a spoon bouncing around in my lunch box was annoying me and the second because the zip and come undone and my tie and fallen out.

I think I will run home from work again, I just will leave my bag at work and collect my stuff the next day. The weight of it and the awarkedness of running with a bag isn’t for me and i’m not sure why I am umbrella in my bag!!

Other than that the run went ok, going up hill was a challenge with sore legs and the added weight, I stung my hand on some nettles and I got a fly in my eye. Oh and one passing runner commented “Beyond the call of the duty that……” and he was right, what I was doing was madness!!!

Although, it was worth trying it out for the experience, as they say “No Guts, No Glory”. No more runs home with a bag on my back for me, once was enough. However, I will run home from work again, I enjoyed that. Thank you to my brother in-law for inspiring me to try this.

I also forgot my watch which annoyed me, but going off my phone, it took me 1hr20mins to complete my run. Which given everything, i’m ok with.

Onwards and upwards





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