Dublin Marathon 2013 – A rest day

Today the running program gave me a choice of a rest day or cross training. Ive chosen a rest day, for a few reasons such as aiding my recovery from Sunday and also because my better half is off work today after working the last 4 (She is a nurse you see, so time together is limited).

I wont waste the day, as i intend to do some research (when i can) as i read in Advanced Marathoning last night, that your long-medium and long run routes should try and mirror the race course. So I want to put this to other runners and see what they think.

In other news the online debate started by Simon Freeman (Great first name) , aka @simon_freeman. On road runners taking to the hills seems a very interesting one, with Simon highlighting how running fells is much easier on the joints than road running


This is certainly something worth bearing in mind and the Northern Running guide has just published a trail about the ‘Crossing the Bay’ challenge and talks about it being a good race to under take as a set into trail running


Saying that i have done a trail race before, completing the cuerden valley badger race, which is local to me and the monies raised goes towards maintaining the park. I did enjoy the run, but noticed the difference between road running and fell running. You certainly have to work harder to maintain your road race pace.

He is also involved in a very interesting tri project found here :


Tri like Fell Running is something i have considered taking on one day, so it will be interesting to follow the training and progress of the people involved.






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