Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 2

Today I’m to run 9 miles and ive got a ready made “there and back again, a hobbit’s tale” route to run, so thats saved me some time :


Its not the most exciting route, but i like the fact its got a up hill finish, which should present a challenge. Weather wise, its expect to rain. So i will be wearing one of my running jackets, neither of which actually keep me dry!!

Last night i read, in the Advanced Marathoning book, that you should map your long runs, so that they simulate the race course. I decided to see if others are doing this and posted the question onto Runners World and Twitter. Regular Runners World poster “The Egyptian Toe” commented that he adds extra hills into his routes, if he knows he is going to be tackling a challenging course and on Twitter Martin Yelling (@myelling) answered via the twitter account @marathontalk that this is something he does with the people he coaches, if the race course demands it. I will see if any other comments come back and looking at the course profile for the Dublin Marathon 2013, i think it could be worth me doing so :


Sunday, i am down for 12 miles, so i have a think i will see what i can do…..

Some race photos for the Freckleton Half Marathon 2013, were publish and one from the beginning of the race, attached to this post (548). Seems to show me “Heel Striking” It could just be the picture mind you, but i’ll keep a watch on that when im out running tonight. I also heard that five runners were taken to hospital following this race……..not sure if its true. Will try and find out.

Any way, back to work, im hoping for an early finish, so i can walk home before the rain starts.



6 thoughts on “Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 2

    • Thanks tiny, in a way i wish i had done this for my other marathons as well. I think it could be a useful learning tool, as im going to try and pool things in that i learn along the way rather than simply blogging i ran x today, y yesterday ect etc

      Thanks again for your comments, were abouts are you based ?

      • Oh wow your be following a similar training program to me then. It will be interesting to see how we both get on.

        Whats your target time ?

    • Oh wow you must be doing something very similar to what im doing then. As my plan is also up to 55 miles a week and is in the Advanced Marathoning boo….

      Shame we don’t live closer we could on united our long runs.

      Eventually, I will scan and post up my training plan and you can take a look

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