Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 2 Review

Well I got out in and did my run last night, my fear about the rain was unfounded…….blasted BBC!

But saying that the only precaution I had taken out with me, was my cap as I had decided to risk it without the jacket. It proved a good decision, as it was to warn for a cap, let alone a jacket, so  I ended up carrying it (Which was a pain), although on the plus I discovered the cap is quite good at getting itches on your back, not as good as the water bottle mind, but on days I go out, without water, but with my cap, I’ll know itches are covered.

Run wise, I felt a bit sluggish and felt a bit of twinge in my right foot, lower calf. I plodded on anyway and today it seems ok. Although it was almost my undoing,  as whilst thinking about the pain and trying to work out what it was, I crossed half way across a road only to see a car drive right in front of me…..…I don’t think the driver had seen me either, so it was an incidence of collective negligence.  That said, the car was a good metre away from me and no harm was done. But I made sure; from then onwards I paid a lot more attention to what I was doing. It was a good warning about ensuring I’m thinking about my surroundings at all times, as well as think about my running.

So 17 miles down, for the weekend im scheduled for a 4 on Saturday and a 12 on the Sunday, which would take my mileage up to 33 miles. However, I’m going to do a couple of extra miles, as I plan to do the Preston ParkRun tomorrow and as I live just two miles away from the course, I usually run to and from it, so my mileage for this week is going to be more like 36 miles.  

I will do the 12 on Sunday and im going to see, if I can map out something similar to the first 12 miles of the Dublin route.

In other news; Fit-Running-Cat commented on the Runners world ‘Lancashire Runners’ forum


and  who runs the blog  http://fit-running-cat.blogspot.co.uk/

That I should easily be able to get 3:30 at Dublin based on my half marathon times and looking the marathon pace grid (Note : it may be called something else, ive not got it to hand as I write this), at the back of the ‘Advanced Marathoning’ book , it also suggest this……I might revise my plans from a PB to Sub 3:40…..and then think about if, indeed I can get sub 3:30. I guess the main issue will be sustaining the pace for that long and to do that, im going to have to do more runs at my planned marathon pace.

I also had a nice comment from a fellow blogger and Lancashire runner about my blog, going by the name of TinyRunner85


And on first glance, it appears to be a much nicer designed blog than mine, so I’m a tad jealous of that. Although at least ive ditched the bizarre tram photo and replaced it with a scene from one of my runs.

I have decided to follow her blog and give it a read, as it might give me a few ideas and thoughts that ive not had before. The more information the better I say, but then I would say that as I do  work with data for a living.

One thing i did observe on my run was that the pizza place in Higher Walton has changed its name yet again and im pretty sure this is now the fourth name its had whilst ive been running, but the place has never closed down…….indecisive owners perhaps?!

Today is down for a cross training or rest day and im going for the easy option, with the twinge and last weeks race, why not hey! – But i have walked into work again, so not an entirely lazy day.



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