Dublin Marathon 2013 – Pace Plan

Fit-Running-Cat, who I mentioned earlier in my blog, has today reiterated that all I need to do to get sub 3:30 is do 8 minute miles……and he is right, that brings me home at 3:28 but can I sustain 8 min miles for 26 miles…..I am going to try and do my training runs at this pact from now on and build up to it

For reference, this is what he said (And not all of it applies to me) :



Sjpc, I’m in the northwest merseyside, Wirral area but often do races Preston, lancs, Yorkshire too.

Oggy, same here my first half was 2:11 long time ago, chip away at those times and it will shoot down. I’ve done Lancaster too, pretty good race. Not completely flat, but very runnable, well organised.

If you want really flat, Raceway half in Stratford a week or so after in November (or March) isn’t that far from northwest, maybe 90 min drive, and 11am Saturday start is handy. Very flat. Very. Like 10ft over 13 miles

Sjpc, your 1:32 half gets you well under 3:30 with the endurance right (5x 20m+?). You’re never going to “replicate” your half time during a marathon, no need to either. Sub 3:30 only needs 1:44 half remember. 8 min miles. I did 3:28 off a 1:35 half time last year and have gone lower since.

Before that 3:48 off a 1:39 half, so all good for Egyptian Toe on Sunday. Sensible to get the sub 4 In the bag.

ET, if you see a runner, all red club vest, Martin on the front. Say hello.



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