Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 3

Well today, I was down to do 4 miles but have done six, as I ran down to the Preston ParkRun and back home after.

It was miserable weather and my calf was a bit tender again, but I came home in 15th place with a time of 20:33. So im really pleased with that, considering I wasn’t 100% and I had done a race last Sunday.  I had a bit of battle with the leading lady for quite sometime, a young girl, who will no doubt go on to get faster times than I could ever do, but luckily she tired on the last lap and I was able to move ahead and finish around 4 secs ahead of her.


Down for 12 miles, in what is expected to be heavy rain in the morning, but as my brother in-law says “Its character building”. Plus I always think its a good thing to do some running in the rain….as you wouldn’t want to turn on race day and that be your first experience of running in rain. Its best to do that in training, as if you can do it when you have a choice not to do it, on race day, if it pours down, you will have no problem getting out there and giving it your all.

Right im off to map a route out



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