Dublin marathon 2013 – Session 4 plans


Well I have mapped out a route, but I found hard to try and replicate the Dublin course, I don’t have hills as high or that go on for as long, that close to home. But ive done myself a fairly ‘rolling’ route, as someone once described Dublin, and it should present me with quite a challenge




Once thing, I have found that helps me, before long runs and before races, is having a Hydrate drink, the brand im using is SIS and their superhydro drink and I find on days when ive had one of those, Ive performed better and it was something I did this morning before ParkRun and I think it makes a difference.

Just thought, id pass that tip on, others might find it doesn’t work for them, but for me it is working. I got the idea, originally, from someone who posted on Runners world, a few years back, that they have two pints of water in the morning of their races…..

Any way, if that helps someone else, then great, if not never mind  carry on!!!




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