Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 4 Review

Well I got out this morning in a mixture on wind and drizzle , but I found myself constantly taking off and putting on my cap as it was still fairly warm.

My dad came on the run with me, which meant I couldn’t practice my 8 min miles today and also disaster almost struck half a mile in when he failed to anticipate me moving out of the way of a broken tree branch and almost tripped me over……

The result of this was, my sore calf returned, but I plodded on through the rest of the run, highlights of which included running past a large dung pile, at a farm, and I can that rain does not help with the stench! Other than that, another runner came down a path straight at us, at a fast pace, expecting us to move out the way, so we did and then I tripped him over…………..well in my head that’s what I did!! very rude I thought. Most runners are friendly but occasionally you get people like him.

I parted company with my dad , for the last three miles during which I was able to pick up the pace a little, although I did have to dodge church goers, as they pulled out of the church car park without looking (The thought of someone spending the morning worshiping God and then sending a soul up to God, by running them down in the car park, did amuse me a little!). And then a mile later I found myself running into a head wind, which meant I couldn’t pickup the pace that much after all.

In the end the 12 miles were covered in 1:53:47, so about 9.30 min miles…..not great but ok for the long slow run, which Sundays are meant for.

So week1 is over and ive covered 35 miles, a good start


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