Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 1 Review & the Week ahead

So week 1 down, i didnt cover it the training program to the letter, but I ran a further 2 miles than i was scheduled for so, its not all bad. I have a bit of a sore calf and i have had to face head winds, heat and rain, so a good mix of elements to deal with there.

I did some good research work, with a lot of people, most recently the twitter user @MarathonKoach, backing up what ive read in ‘Advanced Marathoning’ that i need to tailor my longer runs to the race course. It makes a lot of sense, as i cant get over to Dublin to train on the route (A plan i used when i did the Preston Guild Marathon last year, Preston being my home town), so im best trying to replicate what i will face and in the order i will face it on my routes locally, it wont be exact, but its the next best thing.

A lot of people on the Runners World forum :


Are advising me, that with my half marathon PB of 1.32.38, that i should aim for a 3:30 marathon and taking on board what they have said, i think i need to start doing more training runs at the pace required to achieve that, so 8 minute miles. This should get me used to running long distances at that pace and by this, i guess i am talking more about the 14+ miles. This might prove tricky for me, as my LSR Sundays, are usually done with a group of runners, who are not at the same level as myself. So i am thinking about stealing an idea from the ‘Sweatshop running community’ and perhaps running ahead of them and waiting or running back to join them every so often.

In the coming week I am due to do the following runs :

Monday : Rest / Cross Train

Tuesday : 8 Miles + 10 * 100M strides

Wednesday : Rest / Cross Train

Thursday : 10 Miles

Friday : Rest / Cross Train

Saturday 5 Miles

Sunday 13 Miles including 8@ Marathon pace

However, this week i will be short on time. Tomorrow, im going to a concert (The other halfs birthday present) and at the weekend we are due to go away for a couple of days (Our anniversary).

So, what i am currently thinking is, stick to today’s rest day, run my Tuesday run, early morning before we have to set off and depending on the weekend plans, run my Saturday 5 miles on Friday and my Sunday 13 Mile on Monday……well thats the plan at the moment, hopefully i wont drop any miles, but if i have to, i will drop the five, that way its doesn’t impact on me to much or i’ll perhaps move that to the Wednesday and do the Sunday run on the Friday. This would mean, four days non-stop running, but i would get 2 days rest at the weekend……

Its going to be tricky, but it is very early in the training program (week 2) so it shouldn’t affect things to much.

Elsewhere, twitter suggested i follow a chap using the handle @roadrunneraj and it turns out he runs quite an interesting website :


So i will have look around this and see if there is anything of interest on there.






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