Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 5 Review

Well my sore calf turned into a sore ankle, however by the time I had reached the area, I had set aside for my strides, the pain had eased away and I was running more freely, perhaps a longer warm up would of helped.

The strides themselves went ok, I think they will take a bit of getting used to. Especially as part way through they became sprints and I foolishly did three in a row without a break, which caused me to have to sit down on a near by bench for a minute or two. But the lesson was learnt and I returned to doing strides, with a proper break in-between each rep. I guess in time, I will become more in tune with these and they will become easier to undertake.

Other than that, the eight miles I ran were fairly uneventful, although I did pass some dog do-dar which was full of orange and blue dots…….im not sure what the heck that dog could of eaten to produce that, but I imagined perhaps it was some sort of clown dog.

I completed the eight miles in 01:11:26 and helped myself to a pint of milk, a boiled egg and last nights left over chilli when I got home, the food stuff of champions!!!!

I heard from tinyrunner85 again today :


And she too is doing a marathon training program of ‘up to 55 miles’ a week, with an October marathon on the agenda. I think It will be very interesting to keep an eye on her blog and keep in contact with her, as we will be doing similar things and perhaps we can exchange ideas and encouragement, so I am looking forward to that.






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