Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 5

Well it is a lovely morning, a cloudless sky, a bit warm but not too warm. Great running conditions, im going to really enjoy being out there today!

Im down for 8 miles with 10 * 100 M strides. Now ive decided the easiest way for me to do this, is to run an 8 miles route, but somewhere along the way, find a 100M stretch on which to do the strides and then carry on the run. Im not sure if this is exactly what I should be doing, but I am going to find that, much easier than remembering 10 points along the way, on which to do the strides.

This is the 8 Mile route ive gone for :


And as you can see, its got a hilly bit in the middle, which kind of looks a bit like part of the Dublin route and this was included more by chance than design, but Im not complaining

And this is the area ive found for my strides :


Its perfect on two counts, firstly its flat….and secondly its in a quiet area , on a wide path, so I shouldn’t be obstructed by walkers or cyclists , which can be a pain when doing speed work.

In other news; I have had further word from @MarathonKoach who advises that he ran the Dublin route last year and I shouldn’t worry to much, as its an easy course…..

I thought this was great to hear, as a lot about doing long distance running, particularly marathons, is physiological. When you get into the long distances , you can find your body or mind, or even both telling you “You cant do this” , “Your not going to do it” , ” Why don’t you walk a little” or “See that guys pulled up, you can do too”….. ….. you fight and win this mental battle to make it to the end. And he reminded me of times when keys words have come into my head and they have spurned me onto the end.

Once when I was in High School doing a 5k charity run, someone I passed has commented on how quickly I was going and they said something about me being a ‘machine’ and that stuck in my head for the rest of the race and I used it to push on. Even today, it sometimes pops in my head when im struggling and suddenly im back on it, pushing on.

Another example would be at last years Preston Guild Marathon. In the ‘Runners World Complete Guide to Running’ the section on marathons and the marathon training program it provides, talks about each stage of the race and for the 20 miles onwards stage, it says something about how in this section of the race “Your superior training will kick in and you will find yourself pushing on and over taking over runners” (This is a jist of what it said, not exactly what it says – im going off memory) . This sentence stuck in my head “my superior training” others would be wilting and I would be marching on, that’s what I was thinking and I got to the 20 mile point on 3 hours and I pushed on and the “machine” pushed on and I passed countless runners, finishing the race just 48 miles later. A 48 min 10k after running 20 miles, my 10k PB is 42 mins, I was really pleased and it was great example of how to mentally condition yourself to push on in race.

So now im heading into Dublin as “The machine” with “Superior training” on an “easy route”

In some ways, its embarrassing to admitted the above, but I just want to get across to people that the physiological aspect of the marathon, is very important, if your a first timer, you should know, you will hurt on the day, but its worth it, when you cross that line at end, knowing you’ve completed a marathon, its a feeling you cant replicate. So you do what ever daft thing you can to get there, call yourself “The machine” , going running in the rain, whatever it takes condition yourself mentally to complete this great challenge, you wont regret it.

Any way, time to go off and run



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