The DUblin Marathon 2013 – Session 6 Review

Well I got the five miles done, I aimed to do it at 8 min mile pace, as I start to practice my pacing for the ‘big’ day. I think it will take sometime for me to get in my head, the feeling of running at 8 min mile pace and by that I mean, being able to tell im running at that pace without having to clock watch. I am pretty good at doing that for 7 min miles, so im sure in time, I will master that for 8 min miles.

The run took me 41:08 in the end, nothing too exciting happened, my ankle is still sore and im wondering if perhaps I have sprained it slightly…….as I can walk on it and I can run of it for a mile or so, before it hurts and if I up the pace a little, I can ignore the pain……very odd!!

The only thing of note that did happen, was I passed a runner who looked in discomfort, it looked like her hip was sore, as she was pressing firmly on it, whilst hobbling along and ive had to do that myself, its not nice at all. Im not sure, what you would call that, but when ive had it, it usually goes away by itself. I did ask her if she was ok and she just smiled and nodded, so I carried on with my run.

Tomorrow, ive to run 10 miles, which means aiming to get in and out of work early, so not to annoy the other half, who is off work.

In other news; im considering doing a 10k trail race next week, ive done it before and its a good race, its on the Thursday and im scheduled to run 8 miles that day. So I just need to think, how can I fit that in without loosing any miles.

For reference this is the race :

Its challenging but well worth it and the money raised goes towards the upkeep of the nature reserve, so its all good, all round.



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