The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 6

Well ive moved Saturdays 5 mile to today and after spending last night at the Kings of Leon concert and all day today at the Trafford Centre, to quote John Candy “My dogs are barking”



However, im going running any way, as I don’t want to miss any miles and Ive got my route mapped out and its simple one with a steep downwards section after 2 miles and a steep climb near the finish.

In other news, the Dublin Marathon 2013 forum on Runners Word seems to have sprung into life with several new posts in the last few days, im hoping it stays this way, as its always good to interact with other runners, who are focusing on the same event as yourself.

Also, whilst at the Trafford Centre, I picked up a copy of “Running with the Kenyans” , as there might be one or two bits of information even a amateur like me could pick up and introduce into this runs.




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