Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 7

So today, im down to run 10 miles, which i am really looking forward to, as the route im running is one of my favorite running routes :


It features a tough 450ft climb but once at the summary you get a fantastic view of Preston and large parts of the South Ribble area and then just down the road you get a great views of Darwen Hill and its surrounding areas, easily making a tough 1 mile climb well worth the effort.

Im not sure how my ankle will hold up, it was a little sore on the walk into work, hopefully as i sit down for my job, it will have a little time to calm down. The real test will come tomorrow morning when im planning on doing a 13 mile run, with only around 12 hours rest, its going to be tough on my injury, but then ive got a 3 day break from running, within which time im hoping the injury might just solve itself………….

In other news, today ive read up a little of the ‘Ghost Runner’ aka Jonh Tarrant, what a sad story, its such a shame for him that they wouldn’t let him compete but what determination and what love for running, it must of taken to keep going, to keep pounding the streets despite knowing they wouldnt let him compete no matter how good he got. Also in relation to what must be one of the top stories in the world at the moment, its impressive to know that he even used his running to highlight apartheid in South Africa.

Its quite inspiring really and a good story to recount when out struggling on a long run. He didnt just have his body against him he had the authorities against him, so what im doing is far easier….








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