The DUblin Marathon 2013 – Session 8 over and out

Well what a miserable run!!! It rained, none stop, there was a period were I had stopped my watch to cross and road, only to forget to restart it, I briefly took a wrong turn, I faced head winds and the inov-8 water proof trousers I wore, didn’t half rub!! My fault that one, they are good, they are water proof and very light. I suspect though your meant to wear something more substantial under them, than I did today. Them being rubber lined and all!!!

This was the route I ran :

And even without all of the above its quite a challenging route, featuring a 3 mile climb up to 460ft.

Any way that’s week 2 down and ive covered 36 miles, time for a well earned couple of days break, in which time im hoping my ankle will be fully healed.




3 thoughts on “The DUblin Marathon 2013 – Session 8 over and out

  1. Thanks for this blog. I´m from Spain and will be trying my first marathon at Dublin this year. It feels great to share the effort with someone from over there. It is tough training with Spanish summer, but I guess I´ll have to do it. So I´ll be following your progress.
    Best, Cesar

    • Hello Cesar, great to hear from you.

      Your first marathon hey! scary and exciting times! How is your training going and have you got a goal time in mind ?

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