The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 2 Review & the Week ahead (The Return of the Runner)


ImageSo last week i covered 36 miles , but couldn’t do all my runs to the T , due to a continuing niggling injury. Im not entirely sure what it is but today it felt a lot better on the walk into work this morning. I think this is mainly due to me having three days off running and having been popping some ibuprofen. Although last night, i started on the Ibuleve Speed Relief Gel. im a big fan of this product and i think it works really well.


The most interesting part of last weeks runs, when the 10 * 100m strides, i still have someway to go before i get these perfected but i enjoyed doing them and am looking forward to trying these out again.

I had some good discussions with people about , if should i tailor my training routes to the Dublin course with one commentator, with prior experience of running Dublin, suggesting that i should not worry to much, the course is fairly easy going.

Looking at the week ahead im down for the following :

Tuesday : 10 Mile

Wednesday : 4 Mile

Thursday : 8 Mile including 4 Miles at Half Marathon Pace

Friday : Rest or Cross Train

Saturday : 4 Mile

Sunday : 14 Mile

40 Miles in total

I am strongly considering dropping tonight’s run or switching it with Wednesday, so i can keep a check on it my injury. The reason why i am unsure what to do, is that i read two interesting running articles over the weekend. One in July’s Running Fitness magazine where Charlie Webster talked about how she once carried on running, with an injury for two years and that left me thinking, well i dont want to be running in pain for two years, she regretted it and no doubt i would also regret it. The other article i read was in the July addition of Runners World where Linda Flanagan writes about the ’20-minute rule’ referencing running coach Brad Hudson, who says that if after running for 20 minutes the pain has lessened then carry on running, but if its got worse or stayed the same, take a day off. So this is why im thinking, if i do a 4 miles run, then thats a great distance to judge where I am up to but at the same time, im thinking one more days rest from running could make all the difference and it is still early enough in my training program not to make an impact on the day.

Runners World also had a great article this month about Steve Prefontaine and i think this guy should go side by side with John Tarrant (The Ghost Runner), as someone who was not just a great runner, but also made a big difference to running in general. Its well worth a read if you get a chance. 




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