The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 10


So i decided to do the sensible/chicken thing and skipped last nights run, as my leg was feeling a tad sore on the walk home. It again felt sore on the walk into work this morning, however the pain eased off after around 25 mins, which fits in with the 20-minute test, mentioned in my previous post.

So tonight, i will be running. Im doing a 4 mile route, which ive designed to include no steep climbs as i figured this would be easier on my foot :

Once ive run this, i will have a good idea if i should rest again tommorrow or if i am ok to attempt Thursdays 10 miler.

Its quite frustrating to be missing runs, as ive not run since Friday but at the same time, i really dont want to make things worse and its still very early in my training, which means i should be ok in the long term, as long as i continue to play it safe.



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