The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 11

Well so far no bad reaction to last nights run and i went ahead with my planned change in footwear for my walk to work……..could this be a turning point, my figures are very much crossed.

So tonight, i am down for eight miles, part of me is tempted to take part in the Badger race, i mentioned in a previous post, but i think given everything a normal training session is required.

This is what I’ve got planned :

Its a nice route, with plenty of greenery on offer, it also ends with a couple of climbs which should provide me with a good test.

In other news, Ive just finished chapter 13 in the Ultramarathon man book :


And he has just been going on about some of the core work he does and it hit home that its been some months since i last went to the gym and i really need to get my membership renewed!! So Ive gone and made contact with the gym and hopefully things will get sorted out soon and i can get back into that. Although, i do, do some core work at home like situps and planks, I find going into a gym ensures i give this area the proper focus it needs.

Whilst i don’t plan to take up ultra running, i find Dean Karnazes book a great read and he is very much your typical runner. Some of the events he has undertaken and challenges he has set himself are very inspiring.




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