The Dublin Marathon Session 11 Review & the weekend ahead

ImageSo i went out on an 8 miler last night and got through it pain free!! Which really pleased me and i am slightly tempted to making up for the lost 10 miles and head out again tonight, but i think i will play it safe.

 The run itself went well, it was a good route, hard going with its hilly finish, but it was nice to be out in the sun, although there were a lot of flies out, as i didn’t get out running till almost 8, due to not leaving work till gone 6. So as a result of this, i got a fly in the eye (Yes that does rhyme) at around the half way point and one in the mouth, just as i was reaching my drive way!!! So an unfortunate finish to what was a nice run. Is there any way of avoiding this, i wonder or is it an excepted part of running? That you will have to consume the odd fly now and then.

I also had the joy of catching up and passing a family of cyclist and yes i did make sure they didnt go back past me…..silly i know but entertaining none the less and it kept the run interesting.

Other points of interest on the run, was coming across the local football team, Preston North End, out training in the park…..interestingly doing hill repeats, i thought it was just us runners that enjoyed such sadistic training!!

And also saw a chap running with his dog and leaving his dog to defecate, whilst he carried on running!!! Ive nothing against people running, with their dogs, it looks fun, but really they should be prepared to clean up after it, what with all the associated health risks, so that annoyed me. Just by chance the Northern Running Guide is doing a survey on running with dogs, but there was no option to mention this issue

 So the weekend ahead. Training wise, i am down to do a 4 and a 14. But i will be attending the Preston ParkRun this weekend, so i will be in fact doing a 6.5 and a 14. I think ive mentioned before that i really enjoy ParkRun and if your not aware of it, this is the link :

If you’ve not got one in your area, i’m sure you can set it up and that goes for overseas people as there are now some ParkRuns in America, mainland Europe, Africa , Australia and New Zealand. It really is taking off big time.

The 14 miler i plan on doing is this :

It is actually a section from the Preston Guild marathon route and it is perfect for me to train on, as on Sundays there is usually a group of us with different abilities and this looped course will allow us to all run at our own pace before meeting back up at the finish. Its also quite a tough course as its up and down constantly, which is good, as that is how Dublin has been described to me.

In other news, a new person joined the Dublin Marathon forum on runners world and its someone from Dublin , who has run the race before, so i am going to pick their brains and see what i can find out. So far, she was told me to be prepared for a hill at around 18/19 miles, which whilst isnt a big hill, after running so far, it can be tough going.

And im also on the look out for long distance races, which i can fit into my training plan. I have spotted an 18 mile train run , in the Lake District, which will be a big challenge for me, being a road runner, but it could be perfect.




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