The Dublin Marathon 2012 – Session 12

Well I was meant to run 4 miles today, but as mentioned in my previous post I went and did the ParkRun event today, which for me includes running down to the event, as I live quite near to it, so in the end ive run 6 miles today instead.

I played the event safe, doing a fast first plan , about 6.24 , completed the second plan around 14 mins and finished it in 20:45. So I’m pleased with that, especially as my 5k PB is 20:01. I keep thinking , I need to do a 5K race as I bet there is chance I could get sub 20…..

In other news, a lot of people turned up at ParkRun in fancy dresses, well in fact, dresses, lots of blokes in dresses  (And one in a wedding dress!!!) and ive since been told there is a picture of me online somewhere looking very silly amongst them all……hmmm I must find this picture!! – I guess this further highlights the good nature and social side of ParkRun,  What was the reason for all this, well it was a Hen do, strange choice of event for a Hen do, but whatever makes you happy hey and I got a free bit of cake out of it so its all good.

So i’m looking forward to tomorrows 14 miles, the weather will be hot, as it was today, so that will add its own extra challenge to what is quite a tough but enjoyable route :



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