The Dublin Marathon – Session 13



Wimbledon Mens Singles Final Day 7 July 2013 Day 13

What a great day its been really hot and Andy Murray is Wimbledon champion!! He is a great example of athlete and well worth watching. His drive, his desire and his determination are all things any athlete, at any level should try pick up on.

Running wise, it was tough out there on my 14 miler, with the heat and looking at the various running forums it seems other runners have had the same issue, with a lot of people asking how best to deal with it in race. Well what I do is, take extra water on before had, maybe try and get through two pints of the stuff (With one being a sports hydro drink).  Then during the race I make sure I pick water at every drinks station and as well drinking a bit of the water, use it to cool yourself down. A friend in the army once told me , what they do is put some water on their writs and back of the neck and ive been doing this a while and it seems to help, I also pour whats left on top of my head and that certainly does help!!! Some races also provide showers on the course and if you can, run through it.

Whilst training, obviously you cant do these things, so just stay hydrated (TAKE WATER OUT WITH YOU), try and run in shade when you see it and if you want try a cap. Oh and don’t forget sun cream, its not worth getting skin cancer after all!! Oh and refrigerate your water before hand if its a long run, it a stay cool longer, which is a good as warm water isn’t nice……why cant someone make a drinks running bottle which teams the water cool!!

My run went well, i was a bit stiff from yesterdays ParkRun, which reminds me i must that picture!! But i got through the distance ok, in around 2 hours. My dad came along and we parted company at around 5 miles, as he only wanted to do 10 miles. As the course was a loop, it meant i could up the pace and I did try and catch him, but i knew in reality i knew there isn’t that much of a golf between us and he finished a good 30 mins before me, but that’s not bad going considering i slowed down a tad whenever i found some shade.

So week 3 is finished , i dropped 10 miles due to injury , but im feeling a lot better and touch wood i will get through week 4, ticking of every mile.

In other news the Dublin Marathon forum has sprung into life, with numerous new people joining in as their training programmes start up.

And i read an interesting interview with the author of born to run, it seems he isn’t for barefoot running and doesn’t do it himself, just people have read his book wrong……..But he does run in some strange sandal things, i think i’ll try these…..maybe…….but not until after Dublin me thinks!!



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