The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week four

So week 4 beginnings tonight with a 8 miles run, including 10 *100 metre strides. I have done this before, in week two, and it was tough going, so hoping the heat has cooled down by the time I get out and about.

For the rest of the week I am due to do the following

Wed : 5 Mile Recovery

Thurs : 10 Mile Aerobic

Fri : Rest or Cross Train

Sat : 4 Mile Recovery

Sun : 15 Mile

42 Miles in total

This will be the most miles ive run in one week, since my Preston Guild Marathon training and im a looking forward to the challenge of that.

Last week, I had some kind of injury and I was never really able to say 100% what I thought it was, things are a lot better now and im walking without any pain. So fingers crossed things stay this way and I get in a full weeks training.



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