The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 14 Review

So last nights 8 miles with 10*100m strides went well. I managed to avoid the trap of turning the strides into sprints this time, as they were much easier to do. I might still research the best methods of doing them.

I didn’t get out running until 1915 due to not getting back from work till 1830 and yet it was still really warm out there , but with the added fun of there being plenty of little flies about.. One of which I managed to breathe in through my nose…..which wasn’t pleasant that’s for sure. Also despite the lateness it was still really warm out.

It was really busy out, with the sunshine and all, lots of cyclist , runners , walkers and people making use of the park I went by, which is nice to see. I even had a chap sit down to read a kindle on the bench by where I was going my strides, which meant I had a bit of company, which was good and he seemed pleasant enough. Pointing out whilst the heat didn’t help me, it was better than wind and rain and then he added “you know what they say, the best views are from the top of the hill”. Which I thought was really good and I think i’ll borrow that one from time to time.

So session 15 tonight, im down for an easy 5. And ive a route with a couple of tough hills planned for this :



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