The Dublin Marathon Session 15 Review

Well I got out and did the 5 miles in 44:01 which im pleased about as my sore ankle returned today, but I think it was due to me landing on it funny on last nights 8 mile run.

The weather was much better for running in today, although it was still very warm there was a cool breeze and clouds about, which made it far more manageable.

Things of note on the run, I bumped into a pedestrian , but it was no ones fault as they just appeared from around a corner. Not that he said sorry for his part mind you!!

And when I was running down the home straight, I discovered my street was having some sort of community hedge trimming event…..well three of the houses were. I didn’t offer my services, as I had done my work for today.

In other news, the mystery picture of me looking silly was tweeted to me, its not as silly as I feared, but I do look awful!! it seems I was running with my eyes closes at that point and ive no memory of the two boys in the photo!!

parkrun me


Tomorrows planned 10 mile has been switched to Friday to earn me some relationship points and it will probably do my ankle some good too.



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