The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 16 and the weekend ahead

So tonight, im doing the 10 mile run i was meant to run last night. It’s a route i’ve already run twice during this training and it will provide a great challenge but some lovely views along the way.

The route also features a demanding 450ft climb which goes on for over a mile, so that is going to be very tough going in the heat, with temperatures expected to be around 23.

For the weekend im down to do a 4 and a 15, but again i will be attending ParkRun on the Saturday so the 4 is really a 6 and i’ll be using that to practice race tactics and speed work.

The 15 miler, is set out as follows :

And i sometimes like to think of it, as my Africa route, based purely on the fact the route outline, slightly resembles the outline of Africa. It is very tough route with climbs from mile 2, right through to mile 9 reaching 430ft. But then the rest of the run is much easier going.

I’ve two runners coming along who are not at the same ability as me, but they are only wanting to run 12 miles. So i am just the in middle of mapping out a route for them, which allows all of us to run what we want.

There is an interesting discussion on Barefoot running, going on, on the Running Ahead forums and here is the link :



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