The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Sessions 16 & 17



Session 16

I ran the 10 miles last night and boy was it hard going in the heat, in fact the hill almost defeated me. But I pushed on despite at point having a cow run along side me (The other side of a hedge mine you) and I made it to the top. From there on the run was much easier , although saying that It took me 1hr 42mins to complete, but I wasn’t too disheartened by that.

Session 17

So session 17, I used the ParkRun to get some speed practice in, but things didn’t go quite to plan from the off. I set off ten minutes late to get to the event, so I had to run at 7 min mile pace to make it in time. Luckily when I got there the start had been delayed as there was another event setting up in the Park, Although unluckily I did get a fly in my eye as I ran down!! The ran itself went well and I seemed to have recovered well from both last nights 10 miler and from the fast paced run down to the Park. Completing the first lap around 6.42 , the second in 13.43 and getting to the finish at around 20:52 TBC. So I am really pleased with that, as I thought id been looking at the 21-22 min run today, given everything else, so this is a good sign for my fitness levels and my recovery.

Speaking of my recovery this week , when ive returned home from a run i decided to change my usual pint of milk, for a pint of milkshake. But using the strawberries we are growing in our garden, of which this year we have loads!! And not only is fresh strawberries milkshake really nice, but also I bet the added goodness from the strawberries themselves will be having a positive affect , all those vitamins and all. Additionally, i have also had the odd boiled egg waiting for me when I’ve got home, so again the protein in these will no doubt be aiding my recovery.

So now all ive to do is rest up before tomorrows 15 miler, as per my previous post.

Its still very hot here and i plan to make sure that i use sun cream before i head out on that one, as i will be out there for a few hours and every time you get sun burnt you increase your chances of getting skin cancer, so be prepared is the best motto. As some one said to me the other day, SUP, SLAP , SLOP.

Sup up plenty of water, Slap on a cap and Slop on some sun lotion.



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