The Dublin Marathon – Session 17 – The week ends


So this morning started off really well as I found 1000 mile socks were (To be honest, they were art the bottom of a pile of dry clothes in the spare room) back from the wash, both pairs went in two weeks ago but had dropped back in the priority line of washing. These are my favourite brand of running socks and I have tried several brands out before and these seem to out perform the others in regards to comfort and how long they last. I couldn’t say if they last the 1000 miles they claim, I’ve never measure it, but if your going to buy running socks I recommend you try a pair of 1000 Mile.

So I got out for my 15 miler and my friend John came with me, he isn’t as fast as me and only wanted to run 12 miles. So I devised a route, where every now and then I took myself of and did a couple of extra miles.

With me doing this route :

And my friend John ran this :

It worked out really well as we agreed on meet up points after each time I split another direction and during those periods, even though there were no pacing plans in place for this run, I could up the pace and push myself a little harder

The sun was back out again, but this time there was a gentle breeze which cooled you down, although despite that I still stuck to the advice I got from Team GB member Aly Dixon (@alydixon262) who, when I asked her for her top tip on running in the heat, advised me to try and keep to the shade and stay hydrated. So whilst I have been doing a lot of work on being hydrated, I hadn’t actually given much thought about sticking in the shade, even though it was an obvious thing. So on this run, even if it meant having to cross a road, I headed for any prolonged shade I spotted along my route and it did seem to help.

I’ve spoken to Aly on twitter a few times and she is very impressive not just because she gives time to fans, also because she still works part-time and is self coached so to the reach the level she has , with those circumstances is very impressive, so I have a lot of time for the advice she gives out.

Returning to my run, everything went as smoothly as it could, no injuries or car based instanced this time out. Although the heat was energy sapping, with this being the furthers I’ve run in such temperatures for a long time, I made it home ok and made myself up another fresh strawberry milkshake. I really am liking these!! In fact I told John about them and advised him to buy a blender, its great!! – If your not sure what im on about, see my previous post, with the picture of a milkshake.

The run took me 02:26:54 , which to me is fine for a training running, as most long slow runs or LSRs are more about miles and being on your feet than going fast. That work is done in other sessions.

So the week is done, I can rest for a bit, I completed all the training required covering a total of 44 miles

In other news ive found this interesting article on training in the heat, which gives out some very good advice :

And continuing my recent readings into barefoot runner the Northern Running Guide have published this article about an interesting event :

Oh and I want try and find this book :

It looks a good read!

One final note is the twitter account @Cool_Running posted this interesting link on marathon training today :

Any way time to relax and start thinking about next weeks challenge



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