The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 4 Review & the Week Ahead

ImageSo week four saw the return of 10*100 meter strides and the sun came out to make sure training was that little bit harder.

The week started off with an 8 mile run, including 10*100 strides, of which i have since determined should be sprints not strides. So it a be third time lucky with these, when they next appear on my training schedule.

The next session (Session 15) was an easy 5 mile , during which my sore ankle had returned.

Session 16, saw me run a very challenge 10 mile route, which included a 450ft climb and high temperatures. This lead me to do a bit of research on running in the head and i found this article of interest :

For session 16, i took on the Preston ParkRun and continued my streak of getting sub 21 mins, despite the injury, heat and 10 mile run the night before. I also had run 2 miles at 7 min per mile pace to get to the event, after setting off late in the morning. So i was really pleased with that and it adds further weight to my belief that rather than aiming to keep all these runs sub 22, i should be aiming for sub 21.

On Sunday, i took on session 18, a 15 mile run, which again was a fairly tough course. I had a runner coming along with me, who only wanted to do 12 miles and is a slower runner than me. So i came up with the idea of devising a route, were i could take myself off every couple miles, get in the extra distance and up the pace for a while. And this seemed to work a treat, i will certainly be using this method again.

This was also the week i discovered fresh strawberry milkshakes and i wont be turn my back on them for a while!!!

So the week ahead, week 5.

I am due to cover a total of 45 miles split up as follows :

Monday : Rest or Cross Train

Tuesday : 9 Miles with 5 Miles at Half marathon pace

Wednesday : 5 Mile Recovery

Thursday : 10 Mile aerobic

Friday : Rest or Cross Train

Saturday : 4 Mile Recovery

Sunday : 16 Miles with 10 Miles at Marathon pace.

So its going to be tough week ahead and i already know that i am going to have to move things around as i wont be able to get out running on Saturday. So Saturdays run has to be moved. At the moment, i am thinking of doing it  Wednesday morning, moving Wednesday nights run to Thursday and Thursdays run to Friday.

In other news, i found this interesting running info-graphic :

And an interesting resource on Plyometrics, which looks like something very much worth trying :

And the big news of the week was this :

This was really disappoint to see, drug cheating not only is risk, but is also damages the sport. The thought of running ending up with the same reputation as cycling or boxing in regards to people thinking those sports are full of cheats and rigged is very depressing and i , like many others, would like to see life bans brought , but sadly because of court cases like this :

We cant have that.

Also we have incidents like this highlighting how dangerous the use of performance enhancing supplements can be

What i dont get with this case is why, she was in good physical health and trained hard, so why feel the need to go to try something like that…..

We as runners must makes sure we full research anything we take and help keep our sport clean and safe.






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