The Dublin Marathon – Sesssion 18

Well I got my 9 miles with 5 miles @ Half Marathon pace done last night, it was tough going, as I had set myself up with a tough hill finish :

There was a lot of runners out and that was good to see and whilst it was very hot again, the cool breeze continues to hang about.

I didn’t make it up early enough today, to get in my 5 miles this morning, although I was woken up at 0635 by my alarm, I would of needed to get out running at 7 to be able to get everything done in time, to make it to a meeting at work for 0930 and I don’t have it in me to spring up and go running just like that. So instead this 5 mile , will be run this evening and Saturdays five mile will be run, tomorrow morning, as I attempt to keep all people happy and avoid dropping any times. Not easy!!

In other news there is a running ahead debate on running blogs at :

So I think I’ll checked out some of their suggestions and cheekily plug my own one.

I’ve still not managed to re-new my gym membership and I really need to get that done , so I can get some good cross training sessions done, I’ve also let my core work slip in the last week too as I struggled with time, due to working late as I attempt to make progress on a project whilst at the same time people keep bring me more work……..I also have a course starting this week, so the phrase “biting off more than you can chew” is running through my head.




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