The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Sessions 19 & 20 – A wet t-shirt

Readers of previous posts will re-call that I moved both my recovery runs to today and yesterday, as I don’t have time to run on Saturday. So both these were 5 mile long and this was the route I undertook :

Some might think its a bit boring to run the same route twice in a row and yes it would be, but I ran in both directs, doing it one way around in 44:30 and the reverse way in 44:25, impressively consistence times and although this was unplanned, it did please me.

One reason to do your routes in reserve, is to keep things fresh and interesting and another reason is because road and pavement surfaces tend to curve towards the gutter and im sure ive read somewhere that its not good to run on the same odd angle all the time. Although cant find a link to provide you with, but if anyone has that, let me know…..

I also tried running in a damp t-shirt, well I made the back of it all wet and I did this after reading this article :

So clearly copying the cyclist in the story, I thought id see if his idea worked and yes it did, however the t-shirt was dry again after 15 minutes, perhaps I needed it to be wetter im not sure…..but I will give this ago again sometime.

In other news I decided to see after having done 20 training runs, how many miles I had covered and the answer was 160 which isn’t bad after 4 and half weeks and having missed one session due to injury,

My strawberry crop is coming to its end, which is a shame but the raspberries have come out , so I will move on to raspberries milkshakes when my strawberries run out and when they are done. I am just going to have start buying my own fruit, which is a shame in a way but the discovery of fresh fruit milkshakes is fantastic….read my previous post to get more of idea of what im going on about, esp the one with the picture of strawberry milkshake on it, but in short buy a blender if you don’t have one and look at this :

10 miles tomorrow and the heat continues to stick around, I think i’ll try the wet t-shirt idea again, as least it gives me a cooling start.

Also spent some of today mapping out obesity levels in Lancashire and this made me feel some what better about getting out and pounding the ground in the heat

fat lancashire



4 thoughts on “The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Sessions 19 & 20 – A wet t-shirt

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed reading it. I am doing my best to use this blog as a means to educate myself about what does and doesn’t work and if I can give others ideas along the way then that is brilliant.

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