The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 21

Man it was hot out there!!

Not only did I try the wet t-shirt plan again, but I also ran my cap under the tap for a bit and put my drinks bottle in the freezer whilst I did my stretches and core stuff. But despite this, after 30 minutes I was dry and my water was warm………again why wont some make a runners drinks bottle which maintains its temperature!! Warm water when running is not what you want!! Any one got any ideas about a solution to this, let me know ?

I didn’t really run with any urgency tonight, as it was just to hot, all my energy was sapped!! And again the hill hard work, but there were some plus points, there were hardly any flies about, hiding from the heat no doubt!! Plus once I got to the top of large hill, on windmill lane, I was hit by a nice cool breeze . Before that I had been getting hit by a warm breeze, the kind of breeze you wish wasn’t about!! It dried me out no end I and kept finding myself wanting water just to clench my dry throat as much as my thirst. So I ended up rationing myself to water every 10  minutes and this ensured that I enough to get round.

I also did some criss crossing of the roads to keep in the shade and luckily one time, found a tree had created a bridge of shade across one road, so that was handy going!

In other news, it was quite sad when I passed through the village of Houghton as recent stories about sheep rustlers and the travelling community passing through, seems to have resulted in this usually welcoming village barricading itself in. There were new concrete walls and gates about the place and old rusting farming vehicles had been parked up blocking entrances into fields and farms. It was kinda of sad to see that this what they had resorted to, such were their fears.

Hopefully these things will pass and that village returns to its old self.

Again this was tonight route

And whilst I did manage to conquer the large hill at the 3.5 mile point the much smaller but rather steep hill after 8 miles very almost beat me as I shuffled long up it! It certainly wasn’t pretty but it was a good mental and physical work out and has confirmed my thoughts that Sundays long run should feature very few, if any , substantial hills!!





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