The Dublin Marathon – Session 21

And the heat continues!!! With the West of England today receiving a heat wave warning level 3. So that basis ive decided to post some further links about running in the heat, running and skin cancer : :

So keep cool and hydrated out there people and keep protected from the sun if your going to be out for a couple of hours or so…………………

Any way, tonight i’ll be running 10 miles in what is expected to be 29* heat, i am going to be using my usual 10 mile route and whilst i thought about running it in reverse to mix things up a bit, i decided that looking at the gradient and with the expected high temperatures that, that was a silly idea and i was best sticking to the normal way round.

I am looking forward to the run, although i do know its going to be tough going, but ive a rest day Saturday to look forward to, so that’s something.

Still not decided on a route for Sundays 16 with 10 at marathon pace, at the moment im thinking about keeping out any steep hills, otherwise i will just end up plodding along in the heat, doing what they call ‘Junk Miles’



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