The Dublin Marathon – Session 22 mapped out

So ive mapped my route for the morning, I did try and avoid any big hills, however that proved tricky as I wanted to use the Leeds-Liverpool canal and getting to there and from there, requires tackling hills. But once im there, I will have good four miles that are fairly flat and ive got a fairly easy finish. So getting through the last 10 miles at marathon pace, 1hr20mins, should be possible………he says!!!

My brother in-law is coming with me, it a be his first run in a while and he is planning on doing the first 5-6 miles before turning home and that should give him a good 10 mile run out. When I started out running again, after spending my college and uni days doing no exercise!!, he used always beat me, then we came on par with each other, before other commitments caused him to spend less time running, whilst I upped my running, particularly over the last two years, going on to score several victories over him. That said he still has a better 5k and 10 mile PB than me, so ive some work to do!! As you can tell im quite competitive but then so is he… one day he might be back on my level!

So now to rest up today, im working from home, unpaid mind and enjoining catching up on the diamond league and British athletics championship via the BBC iplayer in the background.

The temperature has dropped some what today and it looks it will stay cooler tomorrow, so that’s great timing for my long run.





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