The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 22 Review

Well firstly I didn’t manage to do the 10 miles at 8 mins per mile and that is my fault, I found myself taking it easy on inclines and left myself far to much to do in the last few miles………lesson learned there. For the record I was just four minutes out of my intended time, for the last 10 miles.

It was a nice route, its been while since I ran down long the canal and I had forgotten how nice a route it is, I had also forgotten its more of a trail than a path and quite demanding to run along. But i’ll use it again, because its nice and its car free so you cant beat that and it interesting to read all humorous canal boat names people come up with. Although it was a bit sad to see duckling by itself on one stretch with no other ducks about, I suspect that poor create wont make it to adulthood.

There was a lot of friendly runners , cyclists , walkers and even horse riders about the place this morning , so that added to what was a pleasant run in some way.

My brother in-law made through to the six mile point before turning home and I think, after a month without running, he was very much ready to do so. But he did well all things considered, he certainly keep us at a fairly high pace , which surprised me , I think I have gotten to use to slow pace starts.

In other news I finally got around to scanning in my training plan and here it is :




And your see, next week I am on what the book calls a rest week, were I will cover 37 miles compared to this weeks 45, but the week after im down for 50 miles. I think that will be a first for me. Should be interesting!!




2 thoughts on “The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 22 Review

  1. Well done on getting a hard session out of the way. Don’t worry if you didn’t hit the pace on a hilly route – it’s simply impossible! Enjoy your rest week this week 🙂

    • Thanks tiny, it is my own fault really…..i be slightly mifted about it until ive correct it he he

      But this week is a recovery week for me, which is good timing i think. Although saying that, ive still got some speed work to do……

      Thanks for the support, i hope your run went well 🙂

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