The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 5 Review and the week ahead

Week 5 started out with me running 9 miles, with 5 miles @HM pace :

It was a fairly tough route with 3 inclines over 100ft. Additionally, i found a good forum discussion on running blogs, on so i paid that  a visit and found some interesting blogs to read.

Sessions 19 & 20, were two 5 miles recovery runs which i ran back to back due to other commitments, causing me to have to move my schedule around.

These runs were made tougher, by the excessive heat so i did a bit of research of running in the heat and provided a couple of links to readers.

Session 21 :

Saw me take on a 10 mile route, which featured a 450ft climb, a favorite route of mine to be honest. Again, it was really hot this day and i had to force myself to ration my water to make it last, in some ways that was made easier by the fact the water had become warm, such was the heat.

Session 22 was mapped out :

And then run :

Luckily by the time i had come to do this 16 miler, the heat has subsided somewhat and it made for more bearable running condition, although i didn’t manage to achieve my pace goal which is somewhat annoying.

So on to week 6 and what my schedule is calling a recovery week, set out as follows :

Monday – Rest/Cross-train

Tuesday – 8 Miles with 10*100 m strides

Wednesday – 5 Mile recover

Thursday – 8 Mile

Friday – Rest / Cross-train

Saturday – 4 Mile

Sunday – 12 Mile

The weather today, is warm but its predicted to be stormy with heavy rain over the next few days. So i a currently thinking about, how best to deal with that.



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