The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 23

So i have sore ankle and tight hamstrings, yet last night i could get out run 8 miles and do 10*100 meter strides……..very strange! – i must find a solution to this, as its bugged me for a few years now.

This was the route, its the same one ive used before for the 8 + strides

The same walker turned up and sat on the bench by the bridge, so again i had someone to talk to in between the reps. Although, i wish he wouldn’t smoke a cigar!!

So the run……it looked like rain, dark clouds everywhere, but when i got out. I found it was actually rather warm, so my gamble of not preparing for rain paid off. On the down side before i had even reached the bridge to do my strides, a mere 2 miles away. I had, had two flies in the eye and a cobweb in the face! Not a great start!!

The strides themselves, when great. Having re-read the section in ‘Advanced Marathoning’ about them , i knew i had to sprint but easy off for the last 30 meters or so and thats what i did. And you know what, i felt good to be sprinting, but not sprinting to a finish line when half dead on your legs!

After the strides, came the six mile run home and would you believe it, again within a few minutes i had got another fly in my eye……its like it was just waiting for me to start jogging again so he could join his buddies in plunging himself into my eye!! Of course, that would nuts if I actually believed that, but still what bad luck!

The rain did eventually turn up, but it only lasted a couple of minutes, so again my gambled was justified.

The rest of the six miles went fine, it was a struggle mind you, as sprint training certainly takes out of you, but once i was home, i felt that i had really enjoyed that session and looking forward to the next round of sprints.

So session 1 of week five is done and tonight is session 24, a five mile recovery run and just to mix it up a little instead of the usual run through the local town/village areas im going to head down by the river and take this route on :

In other news, after signing up for the ‘Magic Mile’ the Guardian put out this article about just that thing : runners world has published this article about running injuries





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