The Dublin Marathon – Session 24 Review

One in the mouth, one in the eye and one up the nose! That was my hat-trick of flies last night as I got out for a recovery 5 miler

I took the run nice and easy, with being a recovery run, although the phrase ‘junk miles” kept popping in my end, I knew that they weren’t. Plus also with a sore ankle , tight hamstrings and now sore muscles after the previous days sprints, im not sure I would of maintained a fast pace anyway, well not without being in pain any how!! I even resisted the temptation of chasing down a runner that went past me, going in the same direction…….something I used to do when I first started out running, such is my competitive nature. However, I’ve since learned to just concentrate on my own running plan and this goes for races too. Always try and avoid getting into those battles, as it can throw your pace plan off and ruin your race.

And the run in general went fine, no issues, it was a nice easy run and I completed it in around 52 minutes. I am due to run 8 miles tonight, but ive switched it to Friday as I attempt to have a good work / life / run balance. I am currently thinking, it would be interesting to run the 8 mile route, I use for the sprints. Just to see how much difference they affect my time. Remember for those, I run 2 miles to the bridge, do the reps and then run the six miles home. So I would expect , running the route without those to much quicker…..lets see what happens.

In other news, @alydixon262 has given me some advice on my tight hamstrings and says what I need is some of those foam rollers. Ive always been sceptical of those things, as well they don’t look like much do they!!! But hey, if a semi-pro athlete is using them and she didn’t mention any brands……..then I guess they must work.

So on to I went and a foam roller, I did buy. I like this website, mostly as they do free delivery!! – I look forward to receiving and trying this thing out and will let you all know what its like.

Has anyone tried sports massages and if so what are they like ?





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