The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 25 & the weekend ahead

ImageSo tonight i am down to do eight miles and as per my previous post, i will use the route i have been using to do my 10*100 meter strides.

If anything it will be interesting to see the difference in time and find out i am pushing myself on after the strides without realising it or am i running it as slow as it feels.

Then comes the weekend and there is no ParkRun in Preston this weekend, due to some sort of event, this one to be exact

So instead, ive decided to take myself off to Rivington Pike and undertake a route, i used to run once a week when I was training for the Longride Christmas pudding race, as that race features a climb of over 900ft

And Rivington gives me a climb of over 1000ft so it was good practice and i managed to finish 39th.

This is the route i plan to take :

I am suppose to be doing a 4 mile recovery run, but the temptation to get up to Rivington for the first time in many months was too much to resist as they views at the top make the tough climb well worth it.

Then on Sunday, i am down to do a 12 miler and currently i am thinking of take on this route :

This is a route i designed at the beginning of this training program to try and replicate the up and down nature of the Dublin course, so it will be good to give it another run. It is also almost entirely traffic free, which will make for some nice scenery along the way.

In other news, its the anniversary games this weekend…….no im not sure either! However, it will make for some great athletics viewing on the TV so i am really looking forward to that




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