The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Sessions 25 & 26

So I got out on my 8 mile run last night

The run went well and I completed it in around 1hr11mins , so it was a good seven minutes quicker than when I ran it , with the 10*100 metre strides included  and at times I had eased off. Saying that, the schedule called for me to do it 10-20% slower than my marathon goal pace, which would I been around 1hr10 I think…… I paced it about right. Although, I still find that final hill very tough to climb after running seven miles. I guess in time that will change.

It was pretty hot going out there, put there were a lot of other runners out and about the place for added motivation and inspiration.

So this morning, was session 26 a six mile run up Rivington Pike…..well that was the plan any way. We needed up missing a turn on the way down and only covered 5.48 miles in the end. However, as I was only meant to be running a 4 mile recovery run I wasn’t too upset by this.

The run itself was tougher than I remembered, it has been several months since I took this hill on and boy could you tell. My friend John came long for the challenge and he also found it hard going, opting to walk some bits of between the 2 & 3 mile points and you couldn’t blame him. In fact I’ve read before, if your finding a climb too steep, then It might be more sensible to walk it, rather than run,

I managed to keep going myself, remembering the hill running tactics of lifting you knees and keeping a straight back. and although I passed this on to John, I know it takes a few practice sessions to get used to running in the fashion.

Here are some runners world tips on hills :

Additionally, I sometimes find myself picturing the travelator from gladiators when I run up hills and that too can help push you up. Although there is no cash prize at the end, its still a great feeling when you conquer a steep hill.

For those that never saw gladiators this is the travelator :

Once we made it to the top, we took a few minutes to catch our breath before heading back down. Once thing we did notice, was other runners, usually we are the only ones running about the place and later on we passed a sigh saying “Ironman UK August 04” so that explained a few things and I might look at going along to that.

The run down is equally as tough as the run up, as there is a half mile session around the 4 mile point that is covered in loose stone and boulders. So rather than free falling , your having to think about every step, which makes for a good all round workout but is hard going.

After this point we missed our turning and eventually ended up on Sheep House Lane, which is tarmacked and made for a nice easy finish, I even built up some pace and sprinted to the car. Completing the run in around 1hr02, which im satisfied with.

So now to spend the day watching the athletics and waiting for tomorrows 12 miler to come about and if the weather reports are correct, its going to be heavy rain…..which will make for a dramatic change in conditions.






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