The Dublin Marathon – Session 27 squirrels and dogs


Well the rains never came thank goodness, although it poured down over night, it had cleared up in time for my run. However it was still very very warm,

On top of this, it may of been a bit of a mistake to run a hilly 12 miler the day after I took on Rivington Pike as I woke very sore…..but take it on I did

I found the run hard going and this was due to a combination of the hills, the heat and the stiffness from yesterdays 1000ft climb and when I a runner when past me by and I thought to myself he isn’t going that fast, I decided I was probably running a tad too slow.

So when I got to , what I remember was the four mile point, I checked my watch and saw that I was several minutes behind were I wanted to be, so I stepped into the world of pain and upped the pace. I Figured I am going to be in pain on the day any way, so why not.

By the time, I had got to the nine mile point, I was slightly ahead of time, however, by the ten mile point I was finding it hard going and the strains and stiffness from the beginning of my run returned and I started feeling like I was running in trickle and but then every so often I got my groove back but then it would return to trickle and this would continue all the way along ‘Higher Walton Road’ a road I don’t like running on, as its a long straight flat row of houses, so its quite dull to run and in some ways that makes it mentally hard to run as your mind can wonder.

It was only when I got home and re-examined the map, i realised that i was actually on pace and there had been no need to up the pace at all……DOH!!!!

I completed the run in 1:44:02 which works out as 8:40 per mile, if any one wants a quick pace calculator, this one is quite good

I finished a good minute quicker than i was suppose too…..a good lesson in making sure you know your mile markers!! Saying that it was still a good work out.

In other news, if you wondering about the heading ‘squirrels and dogs’ , this post earned that title as , when I was running long towards the bridge I’ve been using for my sprints, a squirreled popped out, was shocked my me, turn around saw a dog walking to wards it and then sort of jumped to and from the left and right as it decided what to do… sounds less interesting than it was but it made me and the dog walker chuckle and its always good to have light hearted moments on your run.

So week 6, the recovery week is over, next week 50 miles……the most ive ever run in one week!! Scary Darey!!!

Oh and I threw a banana into the blender with my raspberries after my run. I wasn’t sure how it would taste, but it was quite nice. However, the banana flavour was quite strong so you didn’t get the taste of the raspberries much




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