The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 6 Review & The Week Ahead


So week six, the recovery week is over and in total I ran 38.45 miles due to running an extra one and a bit on the Saturday, as I fancied a run up a local pike.

The week started off with an eight mile run featuring some sprint sessions :

Despite having a sore ankle and tight hamstrings, this session went very well. Although it did lead to me search online for advice about resolving tight hamstrings and regular twitter poster and potential future TeamGB star Aly Dixon (@alydixon262) suggested I invest in a foam roller and that’s just what I did, its currently sitting at the post office, waiting for me to collect it.

My next session was a fly filled 5 mile recovery run :

After this I ran 8 miles on the Friday and I used to the route I had been using for my strides to get a real feel for that route, as it difficult to gauge when your running it after doing 10*100 meter strides.

The following day, I took myself and my friend John off to run a 1000ft climb up Rivinton Pike, I had run the route before, but it was new to him. Although, saying that we both find the climb rather challenging and it was a relief to make it to the top. But once your up there, the views make the run worth, especially when you know you’ve run up here…..

And I finished the week off with a 12 miler, which didn’t go quite to plan , but was almost pace perfect

So totalling up my miles after making though the first recovery session and six weeks of training. Ive covered 230.48 miles, which is pretty scary but looking at the next few weeks I can see that things are going to get even harder.


Sooooo week7 and im down for 50, yes that’s right 50 miles, the most ive ever run in one week. Apart of me is anxious about it, another part of me excited at the prospect of the challenge.

It all begins tomorrow with a 10 miles run which includes 5 miles at half marathon pace.

Then on Wednesday im down for a recovery 4 miler

Thursday brings me an 11 miler

Then at the weekend im due to run 7 mile on the Saturday with 8*100 metre strides and follow that up on the Sunday with an 18 mile run. Now that will be the furtherest ive run, since I ran the Preston Guild Marathon, so I know what will be tough going.

I know already I need to change things about, as I want to do a 10k race which is being held on Thursday. So I will move Thursdays run to Friday and turn Saturdays 7 miles session into Thursdays race and to ensure I don’t lose that one mile, Wednesdays 4 miler will become a 5 miler………slightly jumbled I know, but if I get through it, it  a be great going.

The race im planning on doing is the Cuerdale Valley Badger 10k, its a trail race and will be tough going as its filled with hills and steps. Ive never scored a distance PB on it, but my course PB is 44:10, so it will be a good assessment of my fitness to see how close or past that I can go.

In other news, SIS Hydro tables arrived, these ran out last week and from the picture at the top of this post, you can see that SIS sure do like to use packaging. Ive tweeted them to point out the excessive use of packaging and asked them to think green or at least think about their costs



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