The Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 28

So last night, was the 10 miler with 5 miles at half marathon pace, which i decided to base on my recent Freckleton Half Marathon, which meant running it at 07:15 mins per miles, aiming to cover the second five miles in 36 minutes.

The first five miles of the run, i just took as i felt, sometimes picking the pace up, other times easing off. At one point, during this first five miles i came across a race and ended up running amongst those guys for a while. I believe it was the Welcome Tavern 5k and they had just come down from a hill climb, so i felt a bit guilty as i went by them and kept hoping for them to turn off. Which they didn’t do for a couple of miles……..

Moving on to second five miles, i pushed on but then at times found myself easing off without thinking, im not quite used to pushing myself on raining runs yet. Which, i guess means i have been a bit lazy in training, but this training program should change that mentality.

In the end i completed the run in around 1hr24.

Tonight, it a five mile recovery run and i am going to use the same course i used last time, as its a fairly easy route and i dont want to work myself too hard ahead of tomorrows race.

In other news, Ive collected my foam roller from the Post Office and gave it a bit of try out this morning. It was ok and i think i will have to use it a few times before my tight hamstrings issue is resolved, but i will give it another go before tonight’s run and see what immediate difference it makes.



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