The Dublin Marahon – Session 29 The Case of the Stubbed Toe

So last night was my recovery 5 miler :

And i have to admit i felt a bit sluggish when i set off, im not sure if it was because of yesterdays fast pace 5 miles or because i had used my foam roller for 5 min before hand…..

Speaking of which, this was my first time with the foam roller and i decided to use to for 5 minutes before i did my stretches and i have to say, all the hamstring related stretches i did after that, were much easier on the muscles and i felt looser. I have decided i will use the foam roller for 5 mins before each run this week and then for 5 minutes after each run next week to see what the difference is.

Returning to my run and my weather luck ran out, as it rained non-stop whilst i was out there. But it wasn’t heavy rain, just a constant drizzle and there where a few other runners out and about so i wasn’t the only nutter running in the rain.

In was later in the evening when the stubbed toe incidence occurred, running to attend an over flowing pan of boiling eggs. I caught the door with my toe and boy did it hurt and ive now got a very black toe…….not great ahead of tonight race. Running in pain again for then………

Thinking about tonight’s race, im pretty sure that there will not be a course or distance PB recorded by myself. But i still want to push myself and see what i can do, even though im not in race condition at the moment.

Racing in the evening, is always a funny one, in terms of preparing for it. Especially when your work during the day. My plan is to finish work early and go through my normal pre-race breakfast and hydration process. If anyone has any better plans feel free to let me know or if you want to share what your evening race preparation is that a be great as its always good to learn from others.

Ive meeting today 13:00-16:00 fingers crossed it doesn’t over run!!!!!

This is the race course for tonight :




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