Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 7 Review & The Week Ahead

So last week was the week i ran 50 miles (The furthest ever done in one week) and it was the week i achieved a course PB. It was tough going and i did feel a little sore this morning and with 54 miles on the cards for this week, its a little daunting……

The week started off with a 10 Miler, which included running 5 at half marathon pace, which for me is around 07:15 mins per mile.


I didn’t quite perform as well i wanted in that session and i think i still need to get used to putting in hard sessions, rather than just pounding out junk miles which is what i did for the my first two marathons.

The next session was a five mile recovery run and i took this real easy, due to planning on running 10K trail race the next day, although i did get drenched as it raining constantly throughout my run.


So next up was the 10k Trail race or the Cuerdan Valley Badger 10K Run to give it, its proper name. This is a tough course, well i find it tough, but then im not used to trail running. I pushed myself hard, in the heat and with tired legs and was rewarded with an unexpected course PB, which left me pleased for the rest of the week. Although now its a distance memory as doing 50 miles in a week was the real achievement last week.


Next up was an 11 mile run, which wasn’t much fun coming the day after a race. In the morning, i didn’t feel to bad but after sitting at a desk all day my legs had stiffened up quite a bit and by the time it came to doing my run I wasn’t feeling too flexible or energetic, but that said i completed this run 4 minutes quicker than i planned to.


And i finished the week off with an 18 mile run on Sunday, the furthest i have run since i was in training for the Preston Guild Marathon 2012. This was a really hard run and the weeks mileage had begun to take its toll but again, i got around quicker than i planned too and saw some interesting sites.



So the week ahead 54 miles…….its going to be hard going and this is how it splits out

Monday : Rest/Cross train

Tuesday : 7 Miles with 6*100 m strides

Wednesday : 12 Miles

Thursday : Rest/Cross train

Friday : 10 Miles with 6 Miles at Half Marathon pace

Saturday : 5 Mile Recovery

Sunday : 20 Miles

I suspect i will have to mix things up a bit to fit everything i need to do this week and i will again make another attempt to return to the gym…………I will also make a return to ParkRun as a new course is opening up at Cuerden Valley and that a be good trail race practice.

In other news ive made some progress with the charity event, after making contact with various groups and media outlets and hopefully these will bare fruit.

Also i need to start thinking about how i will fit my holiday into the schedule. Its coming up in a couple of weeks and i need to have a think about how to play it. Luckily i started my training a week early (If i’m honest i was meant to start two weeks early to factor it in, but lost track of time) so in reality i will only lose one weeks training, but which week to drop…….

The Event

September 1st i will be joining Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead as he runs the full length Britain. He will be running through Preston on that day and I am planning on joining him for 20 miles or so as a local runner. So if you have a spare Dollar / Pound or Euro please chuck it this way


Its for the Scope charity :


Tweet it, stick it on your facebook, pass it on through forums do everything you can and together we can help make his challenge an amazing success.







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