Dublin Marathon – Session 32 Reviewed

So i went out and did my 7 miles with 6*100 meter strides last night and found that running 4 miles to the area i’d marked out for my strides had no affect on my performance in them, but the run home, was done on very heavy legs!!



I go through each of the strides fairly comfortably although i certainly felt the last session in my quads , so i gave them a go on the old roller when i got home. And uff!! that hurt!! On the hamstrings its pretty pain free with the roller , but with quads its a completely different story!! Still i guess it will do me good, so what can you do.

So tonight im down for 12 miles and ive mapped myself out a brand new course of this :


I think this might just be the furthest ive run after work!! So should be fun and challenging!! Which reminds me, i was looking back through my training records (Yes im that sad…..but i have a got a copy of a cool spreadsheet the dead runners society made, so why not use it – i’ll see about uploading it at some point) and i found that the 18 miles i ran on Sunday, was the fastest 18 miles Ive ever run in training, so that’s a great sign of progress.

In other news : I found this interesting link on the Guardian newspapers website :


Although i haven’t used it myself yet, as i cannot remember what my login is and i cant access hotmail at work!!

And one of my twitter followers (@KineticRev) sent me this link, full of useful tips to improve your running :


I have tried a few of these methods in the past and they do seem to work, so its well worth a read.



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