Dublin Marathon 2013 – Session 36 The week ends on a low


Well the gods of running were certainly against me today…….things started badly when I woke up 45 minutes later than I wanted and that set the tone for the rest of the days running.

My dad came along for the first 4 miles, which was fine, but the pace was misjudged and I ended up 3 minutes behind schedule. So all along the canal path, I had t work hard to bring back the time. Bearing in mind that the canal path is more of a trail than a path…..

Any way by the 10 mile point I was back on time. Then came the part where I had to leave the canal and I wasn’t quite sure if I was in the right place, but as I went up the steps to see if I could see a road sign, a camouflaged fisher man with a strong Burnley accent was coming down them and he gladly informed me I was on the right street, it seemed that my luck had turned. I even found the turn in to the village of pleasington without issue, things certainly seemed to be back on track and I felt good to make my time target.

However it was all a false dawn…………I missed the turn that would take me from pleasington back into the familiar territory of Houghton. However, this I had not realised as I embarked up a steep climb lasting for around 2 miles and going up to over 700ft. after this point things became easy but I started to think “I should of seen the turn by now”…….but also thinking im on “Long Lane”…..its obviously a long lane….so i’ll keep going I thought…..

This was a mistake and when I came across the Clog and Billcock pub, which I have had two work do’s at in the past and run past during the Blackburn winter warmer 10K, I knew for sure I had not only missed the turning but was also too far along to simply turn around.

So looking at my map I decided to try and find my way back and heading for Further Lane…..however again I didn’t come across this lane but when I stumbled upon Nab Head Lane, I had vague memorries of running long there in the past, so I knew I could get back to the lanes I know via that way. The only down side what that this would involve several cimbs and I my legs just didn’t have in them any more, It was far to soon to be running this kind of distance especially after coming across several tough inclines and by now I had already reached the 20 miles point and I knew that there was still several miles to go…..

Working my way through the county lanes and after several map stop checks, I eventually made it back to Houghton Lane. Which I knew to be about three miles from home, so dead on my legs I kept plodding along and eventually made it home, covering not 20 but 25 miles.

This was my planned route :


This is what I ended up running :


It was a tough run and I was spent by the end of it, but im glad the week is over. Ive ended up covering 59 miles rather than 54 so I must try and get to bed early tonight, I can recover from what hasn’t been the best week of running ive ever undertaken. However, I guess it will keep me focused…..

In other news Tirunesh Dibaba won her fifth individual medal at the worlds athletics event by winning the 10k making her possibly the greatest ever female long distance runner.


The Running Fitness newslatters top tip was :

How many people are guilty of following their training programmes to the letter, even if they’re under the weather? If you’re not feeling too great, then it really is OK to give the run a miss. Training when you’re unwell or overly stressed can be counterproductive – and can actually leave you even worse off than the illness itself.

And they are currently conducting a passive awards thingy, so if you’ve time to get a vote in here is the link :


Although annoying all the fields are mandatory so you find yourself voting on things you know nothing about……not the best voting system ever really…and I have tweeted them this issue but they are yet to respond….Its a bit silly asking your average runner what is the best support, neutral, half marathon, marathon and offer roader shoes……We just don’t own that many trainers. I currently only have one pair for running and one for the gym……

In charty news my brother inlaw and donated £10, but has chosen to donate directly to Scope rather than to my site, so im still a bit off my target…..

So please check the below for what im doing and get out and help me raise some money, have a whip around at work or in social circles or running’s clubs and get online and support the event, its for two great charities. Thank you 🙂

The Event

September 1st i will be joining Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead as he runs the full length Britain. He will be running through Preston on that day and I am planning on joining him for 20 miles or so as a local runner. So if you have a spare Dollar / Pound or Euro please chuck it this way


Its for the Scope charity :


Tweet it, stick it on your facebook, pass it on through forums do everything you can and together we can help make his challenge an amazing success.




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