Dublin Marathon 2013 – Week 8 Review & The Week Ahead

So last week wasn’t my best weeks training Ive ever done, stiffness tiredness and poor map reading lead to a miserable running week at times.

But on the plus i covered 59 miles and here’s a summary :

The week started with me finally getting back into the gym to do some cross training. Which included some weights and core stuff and finished off with a 7 mile bike ride.

On the Tuesday i did seven mile run featuring a 6*100 meter speed session. Which went really well, even on sore legs and i think my body has started to adapt to these sessions quite well :


The next day i took on a 12 mile run which i found really hard going as my legs were feeling very heavy right from the off. Mostly due to the hard work and mileage from week before which saw me do my first 18 mile run since my previous marathon training and achieve a course PB in the Badger 10K and the speed session the day before.


This was followed up with a 5 mile recovery run which i took very lightly :


Session 35 saw me fit in the new cuerdale valley ParkRun in between a 10 mile run. And turned out to be a very demand course, but very much worth doing, its full of twists, hills and a good variety of surface to run on. If you can give it a go.


The week ended with what was meant to be a 20 mile run, but turned out to be a 25 miler after i missed a turning. A great lesson in double checking your route before heading out…….


i gained some donations for my charity event as well as making some good contacts at Lancashire Sport and stumbled upon the Guardian running pages, which are an excellent resource for running :


Speaking of running resources today, this was been launched


It looks like it might be an interesting site so Ive subscribed to it and will keep you informed.

In other news the Northern Running Guide have published a brief about a chap who is on the verge of running his 600 marathon all under 3hr30mins. Which makes me less worried about which marathon i might do next and how much time i need in between marathons. Although the Advanced Marathoning book does say not to do more than two a year, this guy seems to be doing just fine with a 100 a year!!!


So the week ahead, im down for 48 miles which seems a lot but its a step down on the previous two weeks and has probably come just in time, before i breakdown.

Monday – Rest / Cross Train

Tuesday – 6 Mile Recovery

Wednesday – 14 Miles

Thursday – 6 Mile Recovery

Friday – Rest / Cross Train

Saturday – 6 Miles with 6*100 Meter Strides

Sunday – 16 Miles with 12 at marathon pace

So off i go into another weeks training. Tonight i was going to go to the gym but after yesterday i’ll either do nothing or do some Wii fit stuff such as Yogo as i attempt to heal the strain of having run 25 miles.

I think i might do less exploring of new areas on my  long runs from now on…………..


Oh and one final note RunBreeze.Com are having a £5 off all week sale if you use the following code WORLDS – You’ve got until August 19th to make use of that folks and you have to spend at least £10 and as per you cannot use it on sale items

The Event

September 1st i will be joining Paralympic gold medallist Richard Whitehead as he runs the full length Britain. He will be running through Preston on that day and I am planning on joining him for 20 miles or so as a local runner. So if you have a spare Dollar / Pound or Euro please chuck it this way


Its for the Scope charity :


Tweet it, stick it on your facebook, pass it on through forums do everything you can and together we can help make his challenge an amazing success.




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