Dublin Marathon 2013- Session 43

I keep thinking, i might of skipped a session number……..must check that!!

Any way, tonight i’m down for an 8 mile aerobic run , so i’ll be aiming for a 8:30 pace again. My legs feel good and im ready to go.

Here is the route im going to run, i was tempted to do another out and back again route, but decided as its getting towards autumn now……i know, i cant believe i wrote that either……i want to get down by the river as much as i can whilst the light allows for it.


In other news ive managed to get a few more pounds added onto my total for September 1st charity event, so slowly but surely edging towards my target.


The latest addition of Marathon Musings have got a couple of good articles on fueling up, whilst running which are worth checking out :



And the Guardian are running a competition to win a pair of Nike Free Running Shoes :


Worth a shot hey!!

And last night i got to the gym last night and got some good core work done and some cross training on the bike with a 30 min random course cycle.




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