Dublin Marathon 2013 – Sessions 44 & 45 Reviewed

clockUff!! Time hasn’t been kind to me this week and i haven’t had chance to up this blog!

So Wednesday night, was my 8 Miles with 5*800 meter strides and i left these until near the end of the run, just to make it seem physiologically easier and also so that i didn’t have as far to run after id done my speed work.

i didn’t have a pace a plan for the 8 miles and just took them as i felt, but with the 800s i was aiming to complete these each in 3.13 as per what the Runners World Training Pace Calculator suggests for me :


The first of my 800s were completed bang on 3.13 but then the next two were around 10 seconds out (As in slower), the 3 session was around 7 seconds out, but then the final run was again bang on 3.13. So a bit of a mixed bag, but i was content as Ive not done 800s for sometime, so like the 100m strides it a take a few goes to get back used to them.

I then timed my run home and added this onto the time it took me to run to the area i had marked out to do the 800s and found id run the 8 miles in 1hr10mins, which isn’t bad considering i wasn’t aiming for any sort of time for that part of the session.

800s :


8 mile run :


Last night was an easy five mile and i decided to implement the ‘Easy Pace’ suggested by the runners world calculator 8.20mins per mile, which is quite a difference to my usual easy run pace, of plodding and you i could certainly tell. But it was manageable and i got around the five mile course in around 39mins, so i could see why runners world had suggested this pace and i think i will go with that from now on, cutting out the junk miles for once and all…….perhaps…..

In other news another £10 was added to my charity fund today as I move even closer to my £100 target, which with just over a week to go until the charity run, i really need to be bugging people some more……

And im feeling pretty mentally tied, which will be due to a mix of work and running, so im so pleased its a bank holiday on Monday, which means i can get my training in and get a lay in.

In regards to my training, Ive decided to change tomorrows 8 miles with 6*100 strides for a 8 miles including ParkRun, it shouldn’t do any damage and if anything will keep my race sharp.

The Event

September 1st i will be joining Paralympic gold medalist Richard Whitehead as he runs the full length Britain. He will be running through Preston on that day and I am planning on joining him for 20 miles or so as a local runner. So if you have a spare Dollar / Pound or Euro please chuck it this way


Its for the Scope charity :


Tweet it, stick it on your facebook, pass it on through forums do everything you can and together we can help make his challenge an amazing success.




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